Community Guidelines
Availability Calendar Lodge or Cabin

We don't have a boat launch area at the waterfront, please do not try to launch your boat from our water front. There is a boat launch at  Mitchel's Marina which is only two miles away.  Travel back down Cedar Key Lane until it ends, take a left onto Rt 608 and your first left onto Trading Post Road. Follow until the end of the road.  The Marina's phone number is 540-297-4430.  You can also rent boats at Bridgewater Marina.  Please call 540-484-3980.  Best to book your boat rental as soon as possible, they both can get very busy in the summer months.  


There is plenty room in our community parking lot (only) for your car, boat and boat trailer.  If you are staying at the cabin, please unload and then park your car in the parking lot.   


Bond fires and or camping fires are strictly prohibited by county regulations. You maybe an experienced outdoors person, however conditions can change very fast, get out of hand, and become very dangerous - as we rely on a voluntary fire department.  Damage will result in prosecution.    


Your dog must be on a leach at all times and pick up droppings.  Most of the vacation homes in the community allow for renters to bring a dog- so it is imperative that you abide by this rule.


We are on septic.  Please be careful in what you put down the drains.  No baking grease or egg shells as both will destroy a septic field.  Strict adherence to the number of guests per home.  The county health department mandates that there can not be more than two people per bedroom.  The county is now spot checking vacation homes because this rule has been violated.  If we or they find you in violation, you will be required to end your vacation immediately without a refund and maybe subject to county prosecution. 

Kayak & Canoe

If you rent our kayak's and/or canoe, please tie up all equipment properly.  When you complete your stay, please lock them back up and store all gear properly.


Please abide by the State of Virginia rules and regulations regarding proper licenses and laws.  If you wish to try some fishing, please bring with you all proper equipment.